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Lucy Lora Ministries believes, the Love of God can reach you where you are. Come and receive what God has for you today in His Presence.

 Christian Ministry,    come pray with us, ventura ca.

              BIBLICAL STUDY’S:  Second Friday of the month, 6 p.m.  email us for location:     

              PRAYER NIGHT: Third Friday of the month 6 p.m.  email us for location     Friday Night Service:   We are on Sabbatical for a time of rest, till further notice!

        Lucy Lora is an anointed woman used by God to touch His people.                                                                                                           

Ventura Service

                                         We believe on coming along side pastors, assisting with special services!

please let us know if you shall need us to come and minister to your group, church or gatherings!

send us an email:

Christian Ministry

Come pray with us

Ventura CA.

Christian Ministry 

Lucy Lora Ministries

Lucy Lora Ministries believes the Love of God can reach you where you are. Come and see and experience for yourself what God is doing. Evangelist Lucy Lora, with over 29 years in ministry, works with her husband to bring hope, restoration and healing to all the areas in your life.   Trust and Believe.

LLM Mission Statement :  To restore the body of Christ through healing and restoration.  Presenting the uncompromised Word of God, and welcoming the Presence of the Holy Spirit.


Available for Weddings

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Bringing  Restoration, Healing and Deliverance.

    Presenting my new Book: The Whisper of The Holy Spirit

    Also Book in Spanish, El Aliento del Espiritu Santo 

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 There is an opening in the atmosphere and fabric of time. God wants to to take you 

to His very Presence. to The Bridge of Holiness.

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Pat Boone

Pat Boone meeting  with Lucy Lora

TBN Members

TBN Friends love Lucy Lora Ministries

Tamara Sterling

The lovely Tamara Sterling with Lucy Lora Ministries! Friend of the ministry since 1990.

Janiece Knight

Personal friend, loves and supports this   Ministry  since 1990. Fullerton CA.

Robin Golden

Robin is from the Hampton’s of New York she loves and supports Lucy Lora Ministries.

Joanne Zimmerman

TBN friend of Lucy Lora Ministries .

Carlos Romero

Carlos Romero and wife Laurie, faithful and happy at Lucy Lora Ministries.

Prophet Chuck Flynn

Prophet Chuck Flynn first prophecy was Kathryn Kuhlman, and last prophecy was Lucy Lora Ministries. wonderful man of God.

Pastor Louie Carlos & Laurie

Pastor Louie  Carlos & Laurie

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