Lucy Lora Ministries

Lucy Lora Ministries

Lucy Lora as a young 9 year old found Jesus and accepted Him into her heart. She began her long journey into the love of God. She walks her life in compassion, giving to all those God brings in contact with her. her caring and loving character facilitates her journey, as she listens to the voice of God for others. Lucy Lora Ministries moves in the prophetic, bringing healing and deliverance to the broken hearted.


She is an anointed woman used by God to touch His people.


Lucy Lora and her husband pastored a church in southern California.


Her Italian and Scottish heritage gives her the drive to move forward into her destiny.


She has worked extensively with her husband in stadiums internationally; praying for the sick, bringing healing and deliverance to those God brings to her.

She has also worked with TBN ( a Christian television station), assisting in the phone room, receiving calls, and praying for others.