woman with a knee problem

A man was visited by Jesus in a dream, to assure him that Jesus is working with his son.  

Ventura,   CA

At Healing Service, two  young girls, ages 7 and 5,  received  Jesus  in their heart.

 Fullerton, CA.   

A woman received healing from breast cancer.  One week later, the  MRI was unable to find any traces of cancer in her body.

Fullerton,  CA

Ventura CA. Mother and two young girls.

 A Catholic mother with 6 and 4 yr old , received Jesus into their hearts.  PRAISE GOD!   JESUS IS ALIVE!

Ventura,  CA

Woman healed of Hepatitis C at Lucy Lora Ministries

Glory to Elohim ( God)





A retired couple received  financial break through after being prayed for in the Ministry. They received over $30,000.

Ventura,  CA

A woman received answered prayer about  a Court Case,  and won the case.

 Ventura,   CA.

A man received restoration and deliverance from a demon of childhood rejection.

Fullerton,  CA

 A man was  delivered from pornography, after being prayed for by Lucy Lora, and states he feels free.

Fullerton,  CA

A Realtor received financial break through after being prayed over at the Healing Ministry.

Ventura, CA

A man  with stage four cancer was prayed over at Lucy Lora Ministries,  and within two weeks, the report from the Dr. stated that the cancer is  gone.

Ventura,   CA

A woman received healing in her throat from an illness that had oppressed her for many years.

Fullerton , CA

A woman in Arizona  who was unable to sleep,was prayed over, and her house was cleansed.  she now

states, she can sleep, and fees taller , and feels freedom and release.

”  Today I will break their yoke from your neck and destroy your shackles away.”

         Nahum 1:13

A women healed from knee pain after prayed for, had months of pain.

A man healed from fear and depression.

Many have received the Lord for the first time into their hearts.