trust and believe

Take a  new journey into  the path of His light!

Read my books, it will help you through.

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Welcome to lucy lora ministries

 Lucy Lora Ministry   

Is dedicated to preach the uncompromised Word of God!

With over 30 years in Ministry Lucy Lora and her husband 

 believe in coming along side pastors to help them in the so needed restoration for the body of Christ bringing hope, restoration and healing to Special Services.

my practice

My vision

My Community

We believe

Our vision is to serve the body of Christ in humbleness and truth helping God's people get ready for the Harvest.

Lucy Lora holds Bachelor in Theological studies

from Vision International University

San Diego California.

With 30 years of experience in Ministry Lucy and her husband are retired pastors preaching the uncompromised word of God! 

They are praying for Holy Spirit guidance at all times and for God's people.

Trust  and Believe 

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We believe

My Community

We believe

We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

 The baptism under water and the Blood of Jesus!  Yeshua is Jesus name wish means Salvation.    are you save and is your name in the Book of life in Heaven?

Jesus shed his blood in Calvary for you and me! to heal and forgive the sins of the world.

 we believe in holy communion 

We also believe in living a godly life and becoming a good example to this dying world.

Psalm 37:23 

The steps of a righteous man are order by the Lord.

Jeremiah 6:16

This is what the Lord says: 

Stand at the crossroads and look ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.

My Community

My Community

My Community

Our goal is to help and lift up the body of Christ The hurting in spirit and encouraging those that have lost there way and  faith.  We bring hope through the Word of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Bringing  special  healing services and  God's Prophetic word as the Holy Spirit guide us. 

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Presenting : My Books

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit 

and Spanish version

El aliento del Espiritu Santo

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Available for Weddings and Baptisms.

my books available at amazon and all international markets

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit


There is an opening in the atmosphere and fabric of time, God wants to take you to His very presence to the bridge of Light!

are you ready to change your garments? and put on your garments of strengh? 

El aliento del espiritu santo

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit


Dios quiere llevarte a su Presencia y cambiar tus vestuarios para darte vestuarios limpios y de fortaleza!

Garments of Light

Terrible Times are here

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Prophetic word for the year 2020

2020 is the Year of letting go of all spiritual heaviness and pain 

The  year 2020

Is walking AWAY and coming OUT of  those things that are not good for you and are keeping you in bondage. You were not born to be in bondage..... but free 

 This is a new spiritual refreshing season in your life, The lord is opening a portal for you to reach out to him and cry out for help. We are in serious times, the time of play church is over!

call on the name of Jesus  he'll help you and set you free!

2020 is the Return of all prodigal son's and daughters

 returning home to their parents around the world!


 Don't  look at the storm but at Jesus who will give you strength

He will see you through I promise!


 Trust and Believe . 

You can not change your past, but you can step into your future!

Are you ready to put on your garments of Light?

The choice you make today is eternal. 

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Available for Wedding's and Baptisms!

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